How To Remove Search Button From Home Screen On iPhone

In IOS 16 Apple includes a search button on the home screen above the dock if this button looks annoying to you so here it’s the solution to how you can disable it.

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As you know this is not a new feature on IOS 16 it’s always available on previous IOS already but this time Apple set this button visibly and in previous IOS devices you have to swipe down by touching in the middle of the screen but with the spotlighted button, you have just tap on it to search, Hmmmm….. Very creative.

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Let’s See How You Can Remove This

To remove the annoying search button from your home screen you have to open Setting first or tap on the gear icon.

Now Scroll down and tap on Home Screen.

In the Home Screen setting, scroll down and find the search section where you can see “Search on home screen” now disable it.

After that exit from setting now the button disappears from the home screen forever until you turn it back on. Now everything will look normal like before. Now the search button will Never haunt you.

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