Remove Your Google Account From Google Chrome

Google Chrome doesn’t need an account for using it but if you want to access your bookmark pages and all the saved browser data from your mobile that makes it easy to access it if login to the same account as on your mobile chrome browser logged in on it. Well, this is the good point for that, and if worry about someone taking your personal data and you want to remove your Google account from Google Chrome.

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There Are Two Ways to Remove Google Account From Google Chrome

First, Remove your Google Account From Google Chrome

Open Chrome Homepage, Now you can see your login account icon there on the Top-left click on it.

then click on the logout.

And you can also log out Google account From your mobile if you login to the same account.

1. Goto Google account setting.

2. Then open the security section, scroll down you will see your devices.

3. Tap on manage devices it will show you, where you’re signed in.

4. Tap on the three-dot icon and Sign out.

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