How To Create A Secure Folder On Your Phone

Now, these days we protect our phones with a screen lock, fingerprint lock, and face lock to prevent people to access our devices. All these protections are working well to stop stealing data, your social media accounts, banking app, and other private things.

It’s a great option to add a secondary secure space to protect private files from anyone who knows your screen lock whether it’s a brother, sister, or family member who borrowed your phone, or someone who steal your phone and manage to unlock the screen lock.

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These situations are very common, a secure folder can protect your private files, photos, and document if it’s required to open that with a PIN code or recognized fingerprint.

In Andriod and IOS, both have built-in features as well as the third-party app can set up a secure folder.

For Andriod Users


If you are using a Mid-range flagship phone or premium phone. These phones already have a built-in secure folder feature. To enable this folder, go to Settings and open Biometrics and Security, then Secure Folder (the different device has different name such as privacy & encryptions) so find yours on your device then set up it might be asked for account sign-in, create PIN Code and Security questions.

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When you enable these features, different devices have a different system to add files and encrypt data, or secure apps with a PIN code. You can add files by tapping on the + icon.

Using Third-party Apps

Another way to secure files by using third-party apps is easier to use. If you are using a Samsung device then you already have it, open the Samsung gallery app tap the more button on the corner then tap on Move to Secure folder if you want to delete the secure folder then go back to the secure folder in the setting.

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Open this article, if you need cloud storage to protect your files, Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Services (Updated 2022)

Microsoft One Drive for android has a Personal Vault where you can store your file with high security level but it’s not free you can only store three files if you need more space then you have to pay Microsoft One Drive for more space.

Norton App Lock, it’s a free app but it is different because it locks the entire app, if someone tries to open it and’s asked for a passcode not only protects your files but also protect you from unwanted access. It’s a smart way to lock the app, that way you can control which part or app of the device they have to access.

For iPhone Users

Apple iPhone

iPhone doesn’t have any kind of built-in files and folder security, but you can hide photos and videos from your gallery select any photos or videos from the gallery and tap on the share button and choose hide. This is really not a very effective way to secure files basically it’s to hide those photos and videos from your gallery because anyone can go to the album and Hidden album to see what’s in there.

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You can install Microsoft One Drive and Google drives for cloud storage of your files from your iPhone and deletes them from your iPhone gallery.

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