How To Set Animated GIF As Wallpaper On Window 10

Any Computer/Laptop users want to customize our system as they want, you can customize all things as you want but the wallpaper is the same as old, a still image is kinda boring but nowhere is a trick to use your GIF as wallpaper. If you use a GIF to send anyone on chatting you notice that it’s a movie clip with no audio and running in a loop.

How You Can Use GIF As Wallpaper In Window 10

Here are some methods to use GIFs as wallpaper

  1. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is the best and most advanced software for your desktop customization. It allows you to create your background and you can import videos, images, and more. It’s not free software you have to pay for it to use, this software will cost you USD $3.99 only one-time.

Download: Wallpaper Engine from its official website.

After downloading and installing Wallpaper Engine, let’s start customizing your computer.

  1. Launch your Wallpaper Engine, if you purchase from steam, you need to download steam launcher as well.
  2. If you are using muti-monitor setup then you have a option to choose which monitor you want to choose, you select a single monitor and set both on it.
  3. You can use Discover and Workshop tab to find new desktop background. By the help of extensive search tool make it easy to locate animated background you like.
  4. Choose background what you like then click on subscribe button to use as you desktop background.
  5. Evey Theme has own customizing setting you can check them for adjustment of videos, speed and audio.

2. Plastuer

Plasture is a software that allows setting GIF as desktop background and it has additional functionality that allows you to use HTML5 websites to set as desktop background.

Plastuer allows you to use interactive, animated desktop background at a low cost of just USD $2.00

Download: Plastuer from here

3. Bionix Wallpaper

Bionix Wallpaper is your free solution to use the animated background for your computer if you don’t want to buy any of these applications. Bionix Wallpaper is easy to use and it allows you to use GIFs and video as desktop background.

Download: Latest Bionix Wallpaper version from here.

4. VLC Media Player

Almost all PC users have this media player called VLC, commonly use for watching and streaming videos but if you don’t know you can use this software to set GIFs and videos on your desktop background, keep your eyes on this we will tech you how you can do that.

After we start you will need some endless loop videos and GIFs to set as desktop background. Here we provide some websites where you can download free videos and GIFs for free.

Download: VLC Media Player

After downloading the video loop that you want to be set as desktop background, Now follow these steps.

Step 1. Press “Window key + R” to open Run, and paste this command %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and press Enter.

Step 2. Now, open a new window go to the VLC location Program files “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC” then Right-click on vlc.exe, and click on “Send to” then select Desktop (Create Shortcut).

Step 3. Now drag and drop vlc player on previous open “Startup Folder“.

Step 4. Modify file destination with “C:\Users\Incognito\Desktop\Video.mp4” and change your user name.

Step 5. Give grant permission and click on continue.

Now you can run your created modified shortcut. Your animated video immediately runs in the background.

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