How To Share A Spotify Playlist With Friends & Family

In this updated world now we stream music on Spotify as music lovers it’s a necessary thing in our daily life routine, if we find a new song that we love so much so we share it with our friends and family. In this article, we are going to show you how you can share a playlist with your Friends & Family using desktop, web, and mobile.

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Sharing Spotify Playlist Using Desktop Or Web App

Sharing a Spotify playlist using a Desktop app on Windows or macOS is almost the same process on both devices either if you are using a Spotify web player. So let’s see how to do that.

Sharing Spotify Playlist Using Link Or Embed Code

1. Open the Spotify App on your computer or Open Spotify on your web browser and log in to your account.

2. Chosse the playlist that you want to share.

3. Now click on the 3 dots and move your cursor to Share.

Now you will see two options Copy the link to the playlist and Embed the playlist.

4. If you choose to copy the link to playlist: When you click on it to copy link to the playlist it will copy the playlist URL on Clipboard and you can send it to your friend & family using text, email, WhatsApp, telegram, and whatever you want.

5. If you choose Embed Playlist: You will share this code on your website and blogs where you can customize the player. When you are ready copy this embed playlist code and paste it into your website or blog.

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Sharing Spotify Playlist Using Spotify Code

When you share a Spotify playlist using Spotify code is an image that contains the Spotify logo with sound waves. When you share this with anyone they scan the code to open the playlist. Let’s see how to do that.

1. First copy the playlist link from Spotify by clicking on three dots if you are using a computer and on mobile open the Spotify app and choose playlist and tap on three dots to copy the link to playlist.

2. Now open this website to generate Spotify code and paste the playlist link here.

3. Now click on download to download the Spotify Code and now you can send it to anyone to share a playlist with them.

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Sharing Spotify Playlist Using Mobile App

Sharing Spotify Playlist Using Mobile App this is the easiest way to share a playlist on Social media or any messenger app. Let’s see how to do that.

1. Open the Spotify Mobile app.

2. Choose the Playlist and open it.

3. Now tap on the 3 dots and tap on the share.

Now here you can see lots of options to share on Facebook, Instagram, copy links, and messengers. Choose where you want to share the playlist.

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