Telegram New Translation Feature How To Use

Telegram is the most popular app for chatting and sharing files with friends and family because it is safe with telegram due to its message & media encryption feature. If you don’t know let me tell telegram has a new Translation Feature, Where you can another language to English right now Telegram is available in only 20 languages and this feature helps you instantly translate your language to another language.

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How To Enable Telegram Translation Feature

Step 1. Open the Telegram app Tap on Three-Lines and open “Setting”.

Step 2. Tap on Language.

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Step 3. Turn on the “Show Translate Button”.

Now for an example, someone sends you a message in the Japanese language and you can’t understand what he’s trying to say in this situation, you have to tap on the message and you will see some options and there is a translate option too now tap on that and Telegram will translate for you.

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Telegram Translation Feature will work on both devices PC/laptop and Mobile.

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