How To Update Windows 11 Drivers

If you using Windows 11 and you didn’t get the best performance you like then you must have to update Windows 11 Drivers for Graphics, Audio, Network Adapters, etc. So in this post, we gonna explain to you how you can update your Windows 11 Drivers through the Device Manager and use a third-party application.

Drivers Update On Windows 11 Using Device Manager

Update drivers using Device Manger is super easy within a few clicks you can update all of the drivers like graphics, Audio, Network Adapters, etc. All you need is an internet connection to update drivers.

1. First, Press “Window Key + X” or Press Windows key and Search “Device Manager“.

2. When Device Manager is open Choose Which Driver You Want To Update and Double-click on it, the brach will open for example we choose Display Adapters Right-click the hardware, and select the Update Driver Option.

3. After that a pop-up will appear and click on “Seach Automatically For Drivers“.

4. Now you can Download your latest driver via Windows Update.

5. Again Right-click on the same driver and click on Update Drives and Choose “Browse My Computer For Drivers”.

6. And click on “Let Pick A List Of Available Drivers On My Computer Options” and select the driver and click on Next, Driver will start installing.

7. Select the Driver and click on Next.

The driver will install itself, after that, you will see a message Window has successfully updated your drivers.

This is the easiest way to update drivers on Windows 11.

Driver Update On Windows 11 Using Driver Booster (Third-party app)

This is the second easiest way to update your windows driver you just need to Download Driver Booster and install it on your computer and run it. It has a user-friendly interface so you didn’t get confused about how you can use this application. Let’s get started.

1. First, Run Driver Booster.

2. Click on the scan button and it will be scanning your system automatically and shows you which driver is missing.

3. After scanning is completed it shows you which driver needs update and click on Update Now and seat back, it will automatically download the drivers after that, once restart your computer.

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