View Instagram Profile Without an Account

If you want to look up an Instagram Account without an account, you can do that but you have to know it’s a username and then you can see his account pics and comments.

In this article, we are going to share with you two methods of how you can see an Instagram account without an account, however, you need the Instagram username of the profile which you want to see.

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How to See Instagram Profile Without an Account

You can anyone’s Instagram profile without an Instagram account, you need to know what’s his Instagram username. Let’s see, Follow our steps to see an Instagram account.

Step 1. Open Instagram on your mobile or desktop browser and go to this URL where username  (replace username with his username which profile you want to view).

Step 2. If you to view a photo or video right-click on it.

Step 3. Now click on Open image in New Tab to avoid the log-in page.

Step 4. After that, you can view photos and read comments or click on a video to play it.

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View Instagram Account Using Third-party

Instagram doesn’t allow you to search users’ accounts without sign-in, so to avoid this we can use a third-party service to view Instagram accounts. Follow our Step to View Instagram account.

Step 1. Open this Website Imginn.

Step 2. On the Website, you can see the search button type their user name and search.

Step 3. After the search is completed you can see the profiles of users, now click on it which you want to view.

Step 4. You can click on any image to view and play videos. By clicking on Download button you can download Photos and videos.

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