How To View Saved WIFI Password On Windows 11

We connect our Windows 11 laptop to so many WIFI networks whether it is at home, office, cafe, hotel, or friends’ wifi. When we every time connect to a new network by entering a WIFI password Windows 11 saves the WIFI password automatically for easy access.

Saved WIFI password in our system can help us to connect to WIFI automatically. When you accidentally forget your wifi password and if don’t remember your password then it’s easy to find out,

There are so many other ways to find out a saved wifi password but in this article, we gonna use Command Prompt to find out the saved password, Command Prompt lets you see the wifi password so let’s see how to do that.

Step 1. Click on the Start button and search CMD right-click on it and Run as administrator.

Step 2. When CMD is launched Type this command “netsh wlan show profiles” and hit enter.

Step 3. After that when the code is executed you will see your previously connected networks. All SSID/names will appear for example we gonna find out the iQOO 7 Legend mobile hotspot password.

Step 4. Now type this code before that replace the SSID name with the wifi name netsh wlan show profile name=”SSID” key=clear | find /I “Key Content” and password will appear.

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