How To Install Google Chrome On Kali Linux

In our previous article, you learn How to install kali Linux in a virtual box, and in this article, we gonna tell you how to install Google Chrome on Kali Linux. Google Chrome is a free browser for all platforms.

Step 1. Update Kali Linux

First, launch the terminal and run the command to update system packages and repositories. Every time before installing anything on kali Linux Update kali Linux first.

# apt update

Step 2. Download Google Chrome Package

When the system is updated use Firefox to download the Google Chrome Debian file.

Step 3. Open the folder where Chrome is downloaded Right-click on the folder and open the terminal and type this command and it will ask for your Kali Linux password to install chrome.

sudo apt install ./(paste here downloaded chrome file name without these brackets)

Now you successfully install Google Chrome on Kali Linux.

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