How To Up-To-Date Linux System With Topgrade

Updating the Linux system is challenging, run a bunch of commands to update apps and tools. But now you don’t have to run a bunch of commands anymore, In this article, we are going to show how you can up to date Linux system with top grades.

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What Is Topgrade?

Topgarade is a CLI utility software that can let you update your Linux system, Topgrade work with a terminal and it identifies all your tools and app and run appropriate commands to update your tools so now you don,t have to run a bunch of commands by yourself Topgrade easily do that for you.

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How To Install Topgrade On Linux

Topgrade works with almost all Linux OS, you can install Topgrade using Rust’s Cargo package manager. If you already have Cargo so you can skip installing cargo, if don’t have Cargo then install Cargo first.

To install Cargo in Linux, Open the terminal and run this command.

sudo apt install cargo libssl-dev pkg-config

When the Cargo is installed, then run this command to install Topgrade.

cargo install topgrade

When the installation is completed, you will see a warning message says “to your $PATH to be able to run the installed binaries” so you can use Topgrade from anywhere on the system.

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How To Use Topgrade To Update Everything and Linux System

To update the system with Topgrade is easy, just run the command and respond to the confirmation prompts when they pop up in the terminal and with some packages and utilities, and you also need a password to authenticate the operation.

Open Terminal and run this command to use Topgarde to update Linux System.


It asks to confirm an update hit Y for yes and N for No. Now that Topgrade is at work it will run the command for you and sit back and relax until it finishes updating the packages.

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Clean Temp Files

Now your Linux system is fully updated by using the Topgade. Now you can clean the temporary files or old files that store on your computer. It not only frees up storage space and also reduce the risk to the system and removes bugs and error in apps.

To Clean Temp Files

topgrade --cleanup

When you enter the command it will ask for a password, enter the password and hit enter and it will ask Y for yes and N for No, press Y to perform an action.

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