Top 7 Sites To Read Manga For Free

As you know Japanese animated shows they called that anime, Before it was animated they were called Manga. All the anime started as manga before the show such as Attack on titans, Dragon ball, One Piece, and Naruto. If you watch the most popular anime then defiantly you know these names if you want to read manga stay on this post and we will show you how you can read Manga for free.

The list of sites we made, is the most popular site for anime lovers. where you can watch anime and read manga. These site store the manga in a high-quality image where you see every detail they draw. Let’s go Even Further Beyond.

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Top 8 Manga web sites to read manga


Crunchyroll is the most popular anime streaming service and it also provides you manga who love to read manga series. There is a huge collection of manga on the site that you can read for free, and also has a mobile so you can read manga anywhere you want.

Crunchyroll is a subscription-based platform so you need to sign up for Crunchyroll Premium at $7.99/mo. once you purchase the subscription you will able to watch all anime and read all manga. Crunchyroll also provides you Simulpubs which means you can read manga when it’s at the same time when it’s released in Japan.

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Manga Kakalot

If you watch the Dragan Ball anime then you know what is the Saiyan name of Goku, and this site’s name kakalot similar to it if you replace the last letters with rot. So if you are looking for more variants of manga then Manga Kakalot is the best place for you it has 40 different genres and also you can find the most popular manga on Manga kakalot.

On Manga kakalot provide you with some feature to make reading manga easier as each manga chapter you can read on one web page, you need just scroll down until the chapter is finished, and switch servers while you are reading the manga if any case errors, change the margins of the page.

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Manga Owl

One of the best sites to read manga, Manga Owl provides you100 genres of the manga so you have now a wide range of manga collocations to explore. Manga Owl has a huge collection of romantic manga and popular manga like Naruto. Manga Owl also has many adult-content mangas if you are interested in it or take it as a warning.

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Comic Walker

Comic Walker is the biggest website in Japan for the manga, Comic walker also provides you the feature to change the language to English if you can read Japanese. Comic Walker has a huge collection of popular manga series and updates. Manga on Comic Walker provides you with lots of information, so you can easily find a similar series or the next part of the same series. Comic Walker also has high-quality scanned pages that make it easy to read.

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Book Walker

Book Walker is a similar site to Comic Walker, where you can read some of the mangas for free, and also you can buy lots of manga. And Book Walker provides you with manga in a form of e-books. Book Walker launches a discount on manga so you can buy. When you download the manga you read it in your browser in a suitable way and on the booklist you can see all your downloaded manga. This is one of the best sites to read the manga.

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Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga is one best platform to read the manga. Kiss Manga has tons of content available, if you want to read the specific manga you can search for it. Kiss Manga also provides you with popular manga series.

When opening a Manga you see some info about it. You don’t need to refresh the page every time. Manga chapters are scanned in Hight-Quality and also there is English-translated manga that hard to find on it.

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Readm.ogr is a very user-friendly website, site template is very clean in format. On homepage you can see the most popular manga series and lots of genres to explore. also provides you with high-quality scanned manga that makes it easy to read.

You can join the community and discuss your favorite manga with other users. You can use the search box for searching manga and subscription alerts on new updates and creating your collection of manga series.

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