BGMI Banned Again Silently

There is something unexpected happening right now, BGIM AKA Battleground Mobile India has been removed from the play store and App store again with no reason. I don’t understand why this happened because it was made for India by krafton. When it was banned the first time government said PUBG was stealing data.

Did BGMI Come Back? May Be Or Not

It was noticed that when India BGMI players tweets on Twitter “BGMI mysteriously disappear from Playstore & App store” then I got both to confirm that and WTF! it happened but this is only rumors of the game being banned in India nobody confirm that.

This is kind of funny but I don’t this BGMI is banned because it still working without any message or notice on screen it means the server is working fine if it’s got ban then the server will stop and BGMI will not run on mobile.

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