Microsoft Word Add Dark Mode On The Web

Microsoft provides a dark mode for Microsoft Word on the web, using dark mode gives a better experience for reading, writing, and editing at night. The dark mode feature is missing from the online version but time changed and Microsoft finally add a dark mode for the web version also, In this short article, we are going to show you how you can switch to dark mode on the web version of Microsoft word.

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Microsoft said that dark mode in Word is no longer limited to desktop and mobile apps, While Office insider testers are running most of the user’s requests for the dark mode feature and now it’s finally rolling out, the dark mode feature is accessible in the toolbar section as Dark mode button.

Dark Mode completely changes the Microsoft word interface, dark background and inverted text color of the document and the actual color data of your document doesn’t change just like dark mode in the desktop app.

Microsoft Word dark mode is rolling out now so everyone can use it on web.

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