WhatsApp is now Adding Another Account verification System.

Whatsapp is working on a new feature to create an extra layer of security before logging into a Whatsapp account but, this update might be released in the future for Android and IOS.

According To WABetainfo, WhatsApp is testing a double verification system. “Any successful attempt to log into your Whatsapp account from another device requires an additional verification code to confirm”.

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How this Dual Verification Code will be Work on Whatsapp?

Currently, Whatsapp will be sent a 6-Digit verification code to log in to the platform. According to the WABetainfo, When the first code is successfully entered, the user has to enter another 6-Digit verification code to log in to Whatsapp. Users will get another message that will alert them to about a login attempt.

If someone else is trying to log into your Whatsapp account, they will know that and no one can access it until they know the second verification code. This Feature is coming to prevent to certain scams, In which Scammers takeover victims’ Whatsapp accounts.

When This Future Will Be Release?

As of now, this future is still under development and there’s no expected release date for this future.

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