Windows 11 Task Manager Updates Let’s See What’s New

Task Manager in Windows doesn’t change too much When Windows 11 was released but in Windows 11 2022 latest update some new features is introduced. In this article, we going to talk & show about task manager what’s the new features in it.

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What’s New In Task Manager

Let’s see what’s new in the task manager one by one.

Dark mode

Finally, Task Manager has also come with a dark mode or dark theme this feature was introduced in 2016 in Windows 10 but we can’t use that and task manager always look bright when you open it.

In Windows 11 new update finally, Microsofts added a proper dark theme task manager and it looks good if you especially use a dark theme on your computer. Task Manager dark mode will enable when you enable dark mode for the entire system.

Efficiency Mode

Microsoft has introduced the Efficiency mode in task manager. Efficiency mode can control the background unnecessary running apps which can slow down your PC. Efficiency mode cannot apply to the active process.

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Open task manager and go to the Processes tab and select a background process app, click on the 3 dots menu in the top-right corner and click on Efficiency Mode.

After that, a popup warning you will see putting certain processes into efficiency mode can cause process instability. Click on “Turn on Efficiency Mode”.

When you put an application in Efficiency mode it will show little green leaves next to him.

You can disable efficiency mode by again clicking on the three dots and click on efficiency mode again to disable it.

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