Google Chrome OS For Windows And Mac For Free

What is the easiest way to use google Chrome OS Flex? But wait you don’t have to buy Chromebook to use google Chrome OS Flex experience. Recently google has introduced us to easiest way to use Chrome OS Flex on your current system windows and Mac. Here is Chrome OS flex, that you can easily install on your laptop/pc or Mac. Everything you want to know about this new version of Chrome OS.

About Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex helps you to allow turn you old Laptop/pc and mac into Chromebook, As you know google launch our own Operating system with device know as Chromebook. It’s fast and easy to use, gives you a new experience of using you old laptop/pc as google notes “free and sustainable way to modernize devices you already own”.


  • More secure
  • Fast bootup
  • Doesn’t go slow with time
  • Automatic Updates

It’s similar like original Chrome OS, this Chrome Flex version provides you assess of Google assistant, Google Play Store, it’s more andriod device.

How To Get Chrome OS Flex

Getting Chrome OS Flex is a very easy all need usb drive to creat a bootable usb drive that’s mean you need Chrome OS Flex file from HERE. The next step is How to install Chrome OS Flex on your Laptop/pc and Mac.

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