Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys For Windows

Here is a list of the popular MS Word shortcuts keys for Windows users, with the help of these shortcut keys your work can be a little bit easy.

We all know that Microsft Word is one of the most popular software for making assignment, articles, resume, and more. MS Word software comes with a lot of interesting features and functions that can help you give the fantastic look to your document. The software interface is quite simple and easy to use and you can easily access the whole functions and features from the home bar of MS Word.

However, To selecting each one of them to feature and then you have to apply it might take a lot of time why you have to use the Shortcut keys of MS Word that help you to do the task with just a combination of keys. I’m sure that it can help make it easy to complete your work efficiently and swiftly.

So, here we are going to give you a list of the most popular MS Word shortcuts Keys for Windows which can enhance your work performance.

Shortcut Keys:Description:
Open New Word DocCTRL + N
Open Existing Word DocCTRL + O
Save a Word DocCTRL + S
Save As a Word DocF12
Print a FileCTRL + P
Open Print PreviewCTRL + F12
Close a Word DocCTRL + W
Close MS WordALT + F4
Close Specific Word fileCTRL + F4
UndoCTRL + Z
Re-doCTRL + Y
Move cursor one character to left
Move cursor one character to the right
Move cursor one character up
Move cursor one character down
Move the cursor one word to leftCtrl + ←
Move the cursor one word to the rightCtrl + →
Move cursor one paragraph upCtrl + ↑
Move the cursor one paragraph downCtrl + ↓
Move the cursor to the end of a lineEnd
Move the cursor to the beginning of a lineHome
Move the cursor to the bottom of the screenCtrl + End
Move the cursor to the top of the screenCtrl + Home
Scroll Up document by one screenPage Up
Scroll down document by one screenPage Dn
Move the cursor to the previous insertion pointSHFT + F5
Cut select content to ClipboardCTRL + X
Copy select content to ClipboardCTRL + C
Paste select content to ClipboardCTRL + V
Paste Clipboard content with matching formatCtrl + Shift + V
Display the Paste Special dialogCTRL + Shift + V
Cut selected content to SpikeCTRL + F3
Paste select content of SpikeCTRL + Shift + F3
Insert graphicsALT + N,M
FindCTRL + F
Insert hyperlinkCTRL + K
Increase Font size by one unitCTRL + ]
Decrease Font size by one unitCTRL + [
Increase Font sizeCTRL + Shift + >
Decrease Font size by one unitCTRL + Shift + <
BoldCTRL + B
ItalicCTRL + I
UnderscoreCTRL + U
Underline for wordsCTRL + Shift + W
StrikethroughCTRL + 5
Change letter caseShift + F3
Center Align TextCTRL + E
Left Align TextCTRL + L
Right Align TextCTRL + R
Justify TextCTRL + J
Apple List StyleCTRL + Shift + L
Apply subscript formatCTRL + =
Apple supersubscriptCTRL + Shift + ‘+’
All Captial LettersCTRL + Shift + A
Insert a commentALT + C
Insert a footnoteALT + CTRL + F
Insert an endnoteALT + CTRL + D
Insert Date FieldALT + Shift + D
Insert Time fieldALT + Shift + T
Insert list fieldALT + Shift + L
Insert copyright symbolALT + CTRL + C
Insert Trademark symbolALT + CTRL + T
Insert Line breakShift + Return
Set line space to singleCTRL + 1
Set line spacing to 1.5CTRL + 5
Set double spacing for lineCTRL + 2
Open SpellcheckF7
Open ThesaurusShift + F7

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