4 Ways Set Video Wallpaper On Your Laptop/PC

We always find the best quality wallpaper for our laptop/PC but a still picture is kind of boring so we keep changing it. Now here is the best solution let’s set a video as wallpaper. In this article, we are going to tell you how can set video wallpaper on your laptop/PC and you can also check these Windows 11 best themes ever.

Out there is much software is available for this, each software is different so we gonna use only for major software to do this and some of the software are paid some of free if your are using windows, Linux, macOS, and chrome os you will find out one application that will work for you, so let’s see how to do that.

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Choose A Perfect Video For Your Desktop Background

You might have a video that you want to set as a desktop background and if you don’t have that and you are confused about which video you want to set up here are some tips. Some of the users may enjoy our favorite movies or video songs or memes but if you select a loop video.

1. Using Push Video Wallpaper For Background Video

After using this software we have come to the conclusion Push Video Wallpaper gives you the best experience and is easy to use but the downside is, it’s not for free it costs around $10 but after installation, you can use a free trial to check out this software.

First, download Push Video Wallpaper and install it in your system when you launch the app a loop video will play on your desktop background to change that background follow these steps.

To Change the background video:

Step 1. Open Push Video Wallpaper.

Step 2. Click on the Plus icon + to browse your clip.

Step 3. Select this as background.

Step 4. For short and loop clips use the loop tool from the control.

Let’s see its controls you can shuffle your playlist, change video intervals, and control volume.

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2. Using VLC For Background Video

We are familiar with the VLC player it’s used to watch movies and videos best desktop media player and you can also use that to set background videos for free and it’s available for all the platforms.

Download VLC Player and install it on your system.

Set desktop Background Video Using VLC

Step 1. Open the VLC player and click on Tools>Preferences>Videos and down there show setting box tick on all.

Step 2. Now click on the Output setting and select DirectX(DirectDraw) video output in drop-down menu and click on save.

Step 3. Now play the video and right-click on VLC and move the cursor to video>Set as Wallpaper.

After that, you can minimize VLC, and this is how you can set background video using VLC, After that, if you want to exit that again right-click on the video and untick set as wallpaper.

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3. Using YouTube for Desktop Background Video

If you don’t like that VLC or doesn’t meet your requirements, there are alternatives for you, but this method will work with Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS, using YouTube for that.

To set a video using YouTube follow these steps:

Step 1. Open YouTube.com

Step 2. Play the video at full screen.

Step 3. Press Alt+Tab now you can see your taskbar and video continuously running in the desktop background.

This is how you can set background video using YouTube but using YouTube for this kind of this, is not a good idea because if you don’t have youtube premium the will also show, and the most important thing is if you want to exit just hit Esc on youtube video it will exit as background video.

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4. Using Desktop Live Wallpaper+ For Background Video

The Desktop Live Wallpaper+ is for Windows 10 users and it’s a tool from the Windows store it will give you full control to put images, Videos, and GIFs on your desktop background.

Download: Desktop Live Wallpaper+

After installation opens the app that was recently added to your desktop or starts it from the start menu.

Step 1. Click on Add Photos/Videos.

Step 2. Now browse a video from your PC and select images, Videos, and GIFs you want to use as background.

Step 3. After that click on Apply Changes.

This software is easy to use and free if you want to exit the desktop live wallpaper+ click on the system tray or on the right-hand side show hidden icons and right-click on the desktop live wallpaper and click on Exit.

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