Windows 11 Best Themes

If you get bored of using Windows 11 then may you should try these themes to give your Windows 11 new things. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can give Windows 11 a new eye-catching look.

We collected some of the best themes for you that can give your Windows 11 a new look.

1. macOS Monterey Skin Pack

This theme is especially for those who want to use a Mac-like experience. The MacOS Monetary Skin Pack can change your entire Windows 11 look it’s very simple and straightforward to install it. It has two versions a lite version which is free and a full version which is paid and its cost is $4.99. In the lite version has some limited features to use.

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2. Windows Nostalgia Bliss

This can bring your old memories back if you used Windows XP and now you can install the Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper theme on Windows 11. When you install the theme on your computer you can customize the features per your requirement.

3. Ubuntu Light SkinPack

Linux is popular for its safe and secure experience and if you don’t want a complete change then you can install this Ubuntu theme to experience Ubuntu on Windows 11. Ubuntu Light SkinPack can transform your operating system and offers you new animations, icons, and wallpapers. it can also replace your taskbar on side of the screen just like Ubuntu.

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4. Dark Fantasy Landscape

If you like dark themes with thrill and horror elements as the background wallpaper then you might enjoy this theme. This theme comes with 16 HD Wallpapers.

5. Assassination Classroom

If you watch Assassination Classroom anime then you might like this theme. The assassination Classroom theme is a bright, colorful, and eye-catching theme it comes with 17 HD Wallpaper. It is also available for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.

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6. Botanical Garden Theme

Beautiful and peaceful wallpaper, positive vibes when you look at your desktop this theme contains all of these things. This theme is developed with Microsoft’s cooperation and seven HD Wallpapers.

7. Classic Manga Action

This is another theme for manga fans. It has a total of eight HD wallpapers with lots of energy and action going on, and you can personalize the theme by changing colors and schemes as well.

8. Angry Birds

We are all familiar with Angry Birds and its fans will love this theme. This angry birds theme has interesting colorful wallpapers and when you install the theme it will welcome you with an angry bird chirp sound.

9. Chickens Can’t Fly

The chicken Can’t Fly theme is quite interesting the theme name implies. It’s about a chicken whose learning to fly in a non-conventional way. It has six wallpapers in the theme that will never look boring on your desktop.

10. Earth From Above

If you are interested in outer space this theme is for you NASA release these images were taken by James web Telescope. This theme gives you a sneak peek at what earth looks like from outer space it includes 14 Images that look beautiful on a desktop.

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