6 Ways To Open File Explorer

We use File Explorer for a long time and it helps us to manage files and folders. But if it’s not pinned on the taskbar. Here are the easiest and faster ways to launch File Explorer in Windows 11.

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The Fastest Way to Launch File Explorer

While using your PC you can launch File Explorer by pressing “Windows key + E” together and a File Explorer will open instantly.

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Open File Explorer With Windows Logo

Open File Explorer by Right-Clicking on Start (Windows Logo) where you can see File Explorer on the list and open it, and pressing Windows + X on your keyboard, again the same list will appear and you can open File Explorer.

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Search For File Explorer

This is the universal way to open File Explorer click on the Start button and search for File Explorer and you can see File Explorer by Right-Clicking on it you can also be pinned in your taskbar and start menu.

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Using Command Prompt Or Run Box

For those who use Command Prompt, First open Command Prompt and type “explorer.exe” and hit enter. Open Run By pressing “Windows key + R” to launch Run and type “explorer.exe” and hit enter file explorer will open.

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