6 Ways To Fix Missing Clock From Taskbar On Windows 10

It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows User, a Mac user, or a Linux user in all Operating systems the common thing is the clock on the taskbar. What should you do if the clock disappears from your taskbar?

We always quickly watch the clock when we are doing work on the system but when the clock disappears from the taskbar it feels odd and something is missing from the taskbar because we always see the clock down there in Windows. In this article, we gonna tell you how you can fix the missing clock from the taskbar on Windows 10.

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Method 1. Restart Your Windows

As you know that some of the small problems solve when you restart your PC. This is how it works, First, when you restart your PC keep that in your mind when you click on the restart button before pressing the shift button and then click on restart this will completely shut down your PC and start as fresh.

How you can check your PC restart as fresh press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager and click on CPU, down you can see Uptime means how long time your system is running when it starts form 00.00.00 it’s mean it a fresh restart and it can clear RAM and Temporary caches.

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Method 2. On/Off Clock

If restarting your system doesn’t work, you can try this sometime clock turned off accidentally or glitch. For that, the solution is very simple and We show you how can do that.

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Step 1. Right-click on the empty area of the taskbar and open the taskbar setting.

Step 2. Scroll down and find the Notification area and click on Turn system icons on or off.

Step 3. Now find the Clock toggle icon and if it’s already on then switch off and then again turn the switch on.

Method 3. Expand Taskbar Size

If you are using a small taskbar then expand it because maybe the date and time are hidden on your small taskbar, you might be thinking about how it’s possible to let me explain it can be because when extending your monitor the taskbar extends left to right so it can be showing on your second screen but you don’t have so it doesn’t show you. Let’s see how to expand the taskbar.

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Step 1. Right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the Lock the taskbar option.

Step 2. Now move your cursor at the end of the edge of the taskbar and your cursor shows extending icon then you can extend by holding and dragging upwards to increase size.

Method 4. Change The Taskbar Theme

If you recently changed your theme they can affect on taskbar date and time icon. Try to change the taskbar theme as default to restore the clock. Let’s see how to do that.

goto Settings>Peronalization>Themes and Scroll down to change the theme and select one of the available options.

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Method 5. Reconfig The Date And Time Formate

If you do some changes in date and time format they might be not compatible with the Windows taskbar or if you don’t do that anything like that then do it and try this. Let’s see how to do that.

Open Control Panel and click on Clock and Region>Region>Additional Settings. First, click on the Time tab and reset it click on the Date tab and reset it.

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Method 6. Sometimes Problems Comes With Windows Update

Sometimes when you update your windows it might cause some issues because the Windows patch can disappear your clock from its location. Now let’s see how to fix this.

If the Windows update affects your taskbar then goto Setting>Personalization>Taskbar and make sure that the taskbar toggle key is on otherwise you can of it and on it again and off the option Automatically hide the taskbar and also off Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

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If any of these tricks and tips don’t work then you should check for Windows updates and also check for viruses and malware on your system and make sure to uninstall any third-party application that can affect your taskbar and also check for start-up programs that run in the background when your system is boot up.

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