10 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

Most Windows users user use Google Chrome as a browser. If you want to save your time or sometimes it saves your day then you should absolutely know these Chrome shortcut keys. The most useful shortcut key on chrome is Ctrl+D and save for later to know more and never miss updates.

Let’s see those shortcut keys.

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Ctrl + T: Open New Tab

You can open a new Tab by pressing Ctrl+T. These nearest shortcuts are Ctrl+N for opening a New window and Ctrl+shift+N for opening a new incognito Window. Basically, we use this every time so is kind of a useful shortcut key.

Ctrl+W: Close Tab

If you accidentally open too many tabs on your chrome then this will close tabs really fast.

Ctrl+Shift+T: Reopen Last Closed Tab Or Window

This is most important if you forget to bookmark a website before closing tabs. It doesn’t matter if you shut down your computer or powercut you can reopen tabs after that if you continuously press Ctrl+Shift+T it will open your all closed tabs in descending order.

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Ctrl+Shift+A: Search in all open tabs

Now you don’t need to search one by one in your open tab, you can search one time for all tabs.

F5: Refresh Page

If your web page is stuck, misbehaving, or not responding hit F5 to refresh the page instantly, and if you something checking one page for an update and it’s not showing on it try Shift+F5.

Alt+D or F6: Jump to address bar

Directly jump on the address bar you can clear the URL or search for a new URL.

Ctrl+K: Google Search

Now you refuse to open tabs or search for google on the URL just this shortcut key automatically selects the full URL just search whatever you want and hit enter.

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Ctrl++(Plus): Increase page size

if you have low eyesight, a web page is small, or are unable to read text maybe you should try Ctrl and + to increase page size if the font is smaller, you can enlarge the web page by 500% which makes the alphabet bigger.

Ctrl+-: Decrease page size

if you increase the page size you probably want to decrease the page size, by pressing Ctrl and – keys you can decrease the page, and if you want even faster than that you can press Ctrl and 0 to make the web page at the default size.

Ctrl+D: To Bookmark the website

These are the most important shortcuts as well press Ctrl+D to bookmark your newly discover website. For more things, you can add this website for more information and explore our who know something you looking for it,s on this site.

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