Fastest Way To Launch Daily Using Programs

Most Windows user don’t know useful windows shortcuts key that can help user to launch program fast and save windows user time, In this post, we gonna share some of the useful shortcut keys that can save you time and helps in your work.

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Win + COpen Charms
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Alt + TabSwitch Screen/Tabs
Ctrl + Alt + DelStart Task Manager
Alt + F4Close App
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl +HFind and Replace
Ctrl + ESelect the Search Box
Ctrl + NOpen a New Window
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll WheelZoom In/Out
Win + LLock Screen
Win + DShow Desktop
Win + Tab (+ Shift)Toggle Task View
Win + COpens Cortana
Win + Prt ScSave Screenshot
Win + IOpen Settings
Win + SSearch for Windows
Fn + F2Rename
Fn + F5Refresh
Win + XHidden Menu
Win + EOpen File Explorer
Win + Ctrl + BOpen App That Displayed a Notification

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File Explorer Shortcuts

These File Explorer Shortcuts only work with File Explorer you can use them to work fast and explore files faster.

ALT + DSelect the address bar
CTRL + ESelect the search box
CTRL + FSelect the search box
CTRL + NOpen a new window
CTRL + WClose the current window
CTRL + mouse scroll wheelChange the size and appearance of file and folder icons
CTRL + SHIFT + EDisplay all folders above the selected folder
CTRL + SHIFT + NCreate a new folder
NUM LOCK + *Display all subfolders under the selected folder
NUM LOCK + +Display the contents of the selected folder
NUM LOCK + –Collapse the selected folder
ALT + PDisplay the preview pane
ALT + ENTEROpen the Properties dialog box for the selected item
ALT + RIGHT ARROWView the next folder
ALT + UP ARROWView the folder that the folder was in
ALT + LEFT ARROWView the previous folder
BACKSPACEView the previous folder
RIGHT ARROWDisplay the current selection (if it’s collapsed), or select the first subfolder
LEFT ARROWCollapse the current selection (if it’s expanded), or select the folder that the folder was in
ENDDisplay the bottom of the active window
HOMEDisplay the top of the active window
F11Maximize or minimize the File Explorer

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Magnifier Shortcuts

Magnifier Shortcuts can help you to easily use Magnifier.

Win + +Zoom in
Win + –Zoom out
CTRL + ALT + SPACEBARPreview the desktop in full-screen mode
CTRL + ALT + DSwitch to docked mode
CTRL + ALT + FSwitch to full-screen mode
CTRL + ALT + IInvert colors
CTRL + ALT + LSwitch to lens mode
CTRL + ALT + RResize the lens
CTRL + ALT + ARROW keysPan in the direction of the ARROW keys
Win + ESCExit Magnifier

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