Most Useful Computer Tricks

There are lots of tips and tricks available on the internet if you search on google and youtube we compile some useful tricks that can apply to your daily working on a computer routine. We bet that you will use at least of these tricks.

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Browser Trick

When you use a web browser sometimes accidentally close it and then you realize you didn’t bookmark the site when you using it and then you have to check your browser history for a particular site that recently close, so what do we do now? Just press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen recently closed tabs.

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Password Protected Files

If you working on a top-secret project and you want to protect files from other users then you should install WinRAR or 7zip these archive software can create an encrypted archive file for you with password protection on it. How you can create a password-protected file select all the files you want to protect and right-click on them to select “Add to Archive” where you can see the “Set Password” option click on it, set password, and Tick on the encrypted file.

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This is the most common and useful trick for minors’ mistakes undo can be used anywhere if you accidentally delete some file or if you accidentally delete a written paragraph all these types of little problems Undo can solve that just press these magical key “Ctrl+Z” and if you want to Redo press “Ctrl+Y”.

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Night Mode

If you work on a computer too much at night or anytime is good for you to turn on the eye protection feature in windows 11 it already has one but if you not using Windows 11 then you should try it F.lux. This is the best software for using night mode on your computer.

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If you like to use emojis too much on your mobile while texting and now you can do that same thing on your computer just press Windows Key + . and it will on the emoji keyboard on your computer but for work on Windows 11, I didn’t check on Windows 10 it works or not. For macOS users can access this feature by Cmd+Control+Spacebar.

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Keyboard Shortcut

Open task manager directly by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, As you know Ctrl+Alt+Del can do too but if you want to open task manager directly then go with the first one.

Switch the Windows program by pressing Alt+Tab or if you know this then try Window Key+Tab for different animation and also it looks cool.

Minimize all open windows at once by pressing Windows key+D you can also do that by moving your cursor on the bottom-right corner and you will find a button show desktop if you playing the game and running a full-screen program this will not work.

Close the current opened Window by pressing Ctrl+W, if you one too many windows that can help you for closing all windows fast.

System information, want to know your system information fast just press Window+Pause/Break and system information windows will appear.

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