Tips & Tricks If NetFlix App Is Not Working In Windows 11

Watching Netflix is always a good idea when you have free time or a holiday then suddenly the NetFlix app gives you chills when it stops working it might be so frustrating and makes you aggressive that for we are here to solve your problem so you can again start to watch NetFlix without any disturbance. In this article, we gonna show you how you can fix if the NetFlix app is not working in Windows 11.

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Method 1. Weak Internet Connection

As you know streaming platforms require a high-speed internet connection to enjoy your movies and tv shows it depends on your resolution because the more pixels you go, the more internet speed you need. First of all, if you are using WIFI and it’s running on a 2.4GHz frequency band then you should switch to a 5GHz frequency band to increase internet speed and if your WIFI monthly plans pack speed is low then upgrade your plans. PC and Laptop users use LAN cable to access the internet because LAN is faster than WIFI.

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Method 2. Check NetFlix Server Is Down Or Not

Sometimes if your internet is working excellently and still you can’t use NetFlix then the NetFlix server might be down as you know millions of users using NetFlix, and even NetFlix doesn’t know when its server gonna crash or slow down. So how you can know whether NetFlix is down or not visit DownDetector to know.

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Method 3. Drivers Updates

Windows users always face problems like that if the driver is missing but how did you know which driver is missing you can use DriverBooster to update your all drivers in a single click or you can update just your Display Drivers by following these steps because maybe the display driver is missing that why you can’t watch.

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Step 1. Click on the Windows icon and search for Device Manager and open it.

Step 2. Find Display adapter and extend its option, now if you have two graphic drivers it will both, and if have one graphic driver it will show only then right-click on Driver and select Update Driver.

Step 3. When you click on update driver a pop-up Window will appear then choose Search automatically for Drivers, it will automatically download the driver and install it on your system.

Method 4. Reset NetFlix app

Before you reset your Netflix app must read this, It will delete your all NetFlix data like user data and downloaded movies and shows from your computer. If you agree with this process then do it and if you don’t like this method then move to the next method.

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Step 1. Click on the windows icon and Open Settings or Press Windows key+I to open Settings.

Step 2. Click on Apps on the left panel then open Apps & Features.

Step 3. Find NetFlix and click on it then Click on the three Dots.

Step 4. Now you will see Advanced options click on it and Reset the app.

Method 5. Troubleshoot Microsoft Store

We obviously don’t know what the problem is with NetFlix. So why Windows does has a troubleshooting option for the downloaded apps from Microsoft Store. When you run troubleshooting for the NetFlix app it will automatically detect the problem and fix it. If the problem is on the NetFlix app. Let’s see how to run troubleshoot.

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Step 1. Open Setting or Press Windows key+I.

Step 2. Scroll down and click on Troubleshoot.

Step 3. Click on Other Troubleshooters.

Step 4. Scroll down and Find Windows Store Apps and click on Run.

When troubleshooting is completed run NetFlix again to check problem is solved or not.

Method 6. Flush DNS Caches

You can flush DNS Caches by restarting your computer because DNS Caches are stored in the RAM and it doesn’t take space it’s a temporary file if you see this error code U7353 try to flush DNS and there is another way to flush DNS caches manually by CMD. Let’s see how to do that.

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Step 1. Click on start and search CMD and Run as Administrator.

Step 2. Type this command ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter.

After that, you will see a successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache which means work is done.

Method 7. Remove/Delete MSPR.HDS Files From Your Computer

While running the Netflix app and shows you this error code H7363-1260-80070057, try to delete MSPR.HDS files before running again NetFlix app. This MSPR.HDS files are responsible for digital rights management that protects contents against piracy when you delete MSPR.HDS file NetFlix will automatically regenerate new files. Let’s see how to do that.

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Step 1. Open Files Explorer and on the top-right corner, you see a search box and search for mspr.hds

Step 2. After that delete all the files named mspr.hds

Method 8. Check NetFlix App Is Updated Or Not

We always forget to update our apps so check whether your NetFlix app is updated or not, let’s see how to do that.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Store and search NetFlix.

Step 2. If your NetFlix app is not updated then you will see Get Updates If your NetFlix is updated try to uninstall and install it again.

Method 9. This Will Work 100%

If you try all these tips & tricks and still the NetFlix app is not working then you should switch to Web Browser on your Windows PC, go to the NetFlix website, and log in to your account and NetFlix and Chill.

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