Netflix Doesn’t Work With NordVPN, How To Fix?

Using Nordvpn to watch Netflix it’s a good idea for watching other countries’ shows, Nordvpn is software to manipulate your current running server and connects you to another country’s server to let you watch another country’s tv programs because using VPN changes your current location and IP address. But you might be facing some problems while using Nordvpn for Netflix, or Netflix is not working with Nordvpn.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can solve the Netflix issue while using Nordvpn. There are several steps and solutions we mention down below try these process step by step and I hope we solve your problem. Let’s see how to do that for Netflix and Chill.

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Method 1: Clear App Cookies

Browsers or Mobile app stores cookies and cache data. Basically, cookies data are stored in your browser or mobile app help you to stream your content smoothly but if something it’s mismatched and creates problems so the moral of the story is clear cookies maybe it will work.

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Clear Cookies On Smartphones

  • Open Settings and go to the application
  • Find the Netflix app and tap on it and tap on Clear cache.

After that restart the app and try again.

Clear Cookies On the Desktop

I’m Using Google Chrome

  • Open Browser and go to Settings
  • You will a search icon on the top right, now Search for Cookies
  • Now click on Clear browsing data, where you can see cookies is highlighted
  • Now switch to Advanced tap
  • Uncheck all boxes and tick mark only Cookies and other site data

Now click on Clear Data and try again to watch Netflix using NordVPN.

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Method 2: Change NordVpn Server

For example: if you are continuously using the US server then change to another country server. If you are facing problems continuously while using the US server.

  • Open NordVPN
  • Change your current server to another server

Now open Netflix again and see if it solves your problem.

Method 3. Change The DNS server

Changing the DNS server is helpful Let’s see how to do that.

  • Exit the Netflix app if you’re using and on mobile and also clear cookies data, and if you are using computer clear cookies on it and exit.
  • Open NordVpn again and go to settings.
  • Click Advanced and set the DNS servers at and as we showed in the above picture.
  • After changing DNS close the program and try to watch Netflix again.

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Method 4. Contact Support Service Of NordVPN

I tried so hard and got so far but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. So now it’s time to contact the NordVPN customer care service which has chat support 24/7, try to contact them and if they can fix your problem.

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Method 5: Don’t Use NordVPN, Try A Different VPN

If everything you try and nothing is helpful and unable to watch Netflix using NordVpn, tried changing servers and DNS nothing is working what do we do now, how we do Netflix and chill? So now it’s time to give up on NordVpn and try a different VPN.

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