Photoshop Shortcuts That Help You To Work Fast

When you work on Photoshop we have a goal in mind, what we do like cropping images, improving the image resolution, and changing the background but suddenly we struggling with Photoshop tools. What if you just press a button for tool selection on photoshop to go fast.

In this article, we gonna tell you some shortcuts of Photoshop that help you to work fast all these shortcuts will work in Windows but sometimes it’s different with Operating systems but we mention both types of different operating systems.

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Basic Tools Shortcuts

First, you should know some of these shortcuts because they will help you to change image size, change the canvas size, zoom in, and zoom out, now you have the idea of how it will gonna helps you.

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Change image sizeCtrl + Alt + i
Change canvas sizeCtrl + Alt + c
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Scale ProportionatelyHold the shift key while selecting the object
Scale in placeHold the shift + option while selecting the object
Show RulersCtrl + r
Show or hide the gridCtrl + ‘

One Key One Tool

Choosing the right tool by pressing the key these shortcuts will work with different types of tools like brushes, pointers, and magic wand. Each of these shortcuts is down below.

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Pointer / Move Toolv
Magic Wandw
Rectangular Marquee / Select Toolm
Horizontal Typet
History Brushy
Spot Healingj
Path Selectiona
Rotate Viewr
Clone Stamps
Zoom Toolz
Default Foreground / Background Colorsd
Switch Foreground / Background Colorsx
Edit in Quick Mask Modeq
Full Screenf

Brush Tool Shortcuts

With these brush tool shortcuts, you can do more things easily like change brush size, brush shape, transparency of brush, and control strokes to do that use the shortcuts key, First, select the brush tool by pressing b.

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Select previous or next brush style, or .
Select the first or last brush style usedShift + , or .
Display precise crosshair for brushesCaps Lock or Shift + Caps Lock
Toggle airbrush optionShift + Alt + p

Marquee Tool Shortcuts

As we Marquee tool used individually selection, to determine what you copy/cut/paste entire graphics. First, select the Marquee Tool Shortcuts by pressing m.

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Toggle between the Slice tool and Slice Selection toolControl (Command)
Draw square sliceShift + drag
Draw from the center outwardAlt + drag (Option + drag)
Draw a square slice from the center outwardShift + alt + drag (Shift + option + drag)
Reposition the slice while creating the sliceSpacebar + drag

Blending Tools Shortcuts

If you are using the Blending Tool option then you know how to open it, the top menu bar, under Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options this process is long or you can double click a particular layer that brings you the option.

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LightenShift + Alt + g
MultiplyShift + Alt + m
OverlayShift + Alt + o
HueShift + Alt + u
SaturationShift + Alt + t
LuminosityShift + Alt + y
Cycle through blending modesShift + + or –
Normal modeShift + Alt + n
DissolveShift + Alt + i
DarkenShift + Alt + k

Manipulating Layer And Object

Here are some shortcuts that you should know if you Modify any object or complex with multiple layers.

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Select all objectsCtrl + a
Deselect all objectsCtrl + d
Select the inverse of the selected objectsShift + Ctrl + i
Select all layersCtrl + Alt + a
Merge all layersCtrl + Shift + E
Select top layerAlt + .
Select bottom layerAlt + ,
Select the next layer down or upAlt + [ OR ]
Move target layer down or upCtrl + [ OR ]
Move the layer to the bottom or topCtrl + Shift + [ OR ]
Create a new layerShift + Ctrl + n
Group selected layersCtrl + g
Ungroup selected layersCtrl + Shift + g
Merge and flatten selected layersCtrl + e
Combine all layers into a new layer on top of the other layersCtrl + Shift + Alt + e
Transform your objectCtrl + t
Multiple UndoCtrl + Alt + z

Save Your Work

I know that, That you know that but how do save your precious work here are some shortcuts.

Save asControl + Shift + s
Save for web and devicesControl + Shift + Alt + s

My mission ends here, I tell you almost every shortcut about Photoshop.

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