How To Unread Messages On Instagram

Most Instagram users ask this question can we unread messages on Instagram after we read that, this feature is available on Facebook messenger so can we do that on Instagram also?

There are so many reasons for doing this suppose that you read your friend’s new message accidentally whatever the reason but if you want to do unread messages on Instagram that’s not a simple process.

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We Can Do Unread Messages On Instagram Or Not?

Technically it depends, until now there is no way to do that unread message on Instagram messages. Now, this feature is available only for businesses and creator accounts, too bad for private accounts the “Mark as Unread” feature is not available for private accounts. Some important factor who want to use the features of the unread message is when you unread the message it doesn’t mean the sender won’t know that you Unread the message, on the sender side this will show as seen but on the receiver side, you can unread the message for you only you, not from the sender. But we also tell you how you can prevent that you are unread the message without knowing the sender, to know that stay on the article. First, we see how to unread messages from Instagram.

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How To Unread Messages On Professional Account

On Instagram, a Professional account is simple to do unread messages. But if you are new to using Instagram for the advertisement of your business so you have to learn how you can do that. Commonly Instagram inboxes have three sections of messages Primary, General, and Requests.

The Primary inbox contained important messages that you labeled as important. The General inbox contained all the other messages that you receive and the Request inbox contained all the requested messages, which send you to join a chat with the sender.

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Let’s see How To Unread Messages on Instagram Professional Account

Step 1. Open Instagram and go to Inbox.

Step 2. Tab on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Now tab on Select Chats.

Step 4. Now select the conversation to mark as unread.

Step 5. After that tab on more of the bottom of the screen and tap on Mark as unread. This is for selecting multiple messages to mark as unread.

And if you want to mark as unread a single message then tap and hold the conversation and then the option will appear and tab on Mark as unread. A blue dot will appears on the conversation it means the message is unread.

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How to unread messages on Personal Acccount

Basically right personal accounts don’t have to mark messages as unread so you have switched to the professional account if you want this feature but when you switch to a professional account the only thing change is privacy because if you are a creator or a businessman that how the audience will reach them so there is no hiding at this point.

Let’s see how to switch from personal to professional account

Step 1. Open Instagram and tab on your profile picture.

Step 2. Tab on 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Now tab on Setting.

Step 4. Tab on Account.

Step 5. Now scroll down and tap on Switch to Professional Account.

After that now tap on continue and it will ask your profession like creator or business and set this up. After all the small QNA a done, now you completely switched your personal account to a professional account.

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How to Unread Messages without Knowing them you’ve seen

Now if you wish to keep your personal account and don’t want to switch to a professional account so you can restrict the user, the restriction is to prevent the user from seeing your posts and interacting with them and the good part is now you able to see messages without knowing them. So let’s see how to do that.

Step 1. Open Instagram and search for the user you want to restrict and open its profile.

Step 2. Now tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner and tap on Restrict.

Now you can read those messages without knowing them and all the messages received from restricted user will show you on your General inbox and that also means you don’t receive any notification.

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